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Jun 16, 2010

Lemon Pastel

Lemon Pastel Again???hehe

Albino Candy Cane Corn Snake

6ft Albino Burmese with a VERY LOW PRICE!!!! BIG and TAME the Whitey?

Ferret...albino and normal .20 pairs...CUTE RigHT????

Savu phyton...almost 5ft And SUPER TAME

Aligator SnApping Turtle...2ft long

New Item in the House!!!Red tail Boa

Jun 10, 2010

BEAUTIFUL PIT VIPER (Trimeresurus venustus)

May 2, 2010

The beautiful pit-viper occurs in only a small part of Southeast Asia, which is Southern Thailand and northern Peninsular Malaysia. This viper is aptly-named due to its vivid patterning of jagged redddish and purplish spots and bands across the dorsum and flanks as well as the head. An ill-defined white ventrolateral line is present while the eyes are white.

Not much is known about the ecology of this small-bodied arboreal viper species, but it is believed to be similiar to Trimeresurus kanburiensis, which has a similiar pattern but different range, and is almost indistinguishable on surface appearance from Trimeresurus venustus. This viper species feeds on frogs, lizards and small mammals in the wild

SUMATRAN PIT VIPER (Trimeresurus sumatranus)

Size : up to 1.5 m

The Sumatran pit viper is a rare viper species that is limited to Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo in Southeast Asia. This very large and magnificent viper species is green in colouration with a series of black bands across the body. The scales throughout the body have thick black borders, giving the appearance of an intricate network of green spots. There is a white ventrolateral stripe and the ventrals greenish white while the tail is reddish brown. The irises are copper in adults and whitish in juveniles.

The ecology of this rare pit viper species is poorly-known but it is regarded to be highly dangerous due to its large size, which should correspond with the amount of venom it could possibly inject in a single bite. The fangs are also remarkably long, measuring around an inch in large adults. It is believed to feed on birds and small mammals in the wild, as a captive specimen (now deceased) fed on laboratory mice.

MOUNTAIN PIT VIPER (Ovophis monticola convictus)

Size : up to 80 cm

The mountain pit-viper is a terrestial viper that occupies upper-level rainforest. Its base colouration ranges from dark to reddish brown with black splotches and irregular bands across the dorsum. There is a triangular dark patch on the top of the head while a series of three whitish stripes run from near the orbit to the lower jaw and throat. A brown postocular streak connects with the rest of the body.

The irises are grey with a black pupil bordered by red. Neonates are miniature versions of adults with white eyes and more intense colouration. The mountain pit-viper hunts small mammals in the wild but a specimen in captivity fed on quails. Another captive female specimen laid up to 17 eggs which did not survive incubation. This species occurs in isolated pockets of Southeast Asia, in Vietnam, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia (Sumatra).

WAGLER'S PIT VIPER (Tropidolaemus wagleri)

Length: Max. 100 cm. The male remains smaller than the female.

Wagler’s Pit Viper is nocturnal snake and a resident of the lowlands. It lives in primary and secondary forests and in mangrove forests. In these forests, it is mostly found in bushes and on branches at a height of 2 meters. These snakes do not move very much and sometimes spend weeks in the same spot without moving. In general, the animal does not bite quickly but can strike out extremely quickly.

red tail racer ..In Da House!!

Apr 22, 2010

new item tail racer

Apr 20, 2010
olla every body..just want to inform that the new item is coming into town..hehe red tail racer ..nice right were the detail:)

The red tailed racer is a medium-bodied arboreal rat snake that occupies lowland to mid-level rainforest. They are common and widely-distributed across the Peninsular. They are usually completely green except for the yellowish labials and lower cheeks. A faint stripe runs from the snout through the eye and fades off towards the neck. The tongue is blue and the tail tip is a dark rusty brown.

Red-tailed rat snakes are aggressive and flare up their throats and bodies when under duress. They hunt birds and rodents in the wild, using constriction as a killing method. Gonyosoma oxcephalum can be differentiated from Elaphe prasina by their much larger size, stripe through the eye and rusty brown tail; features that the green tree racer lacks. in Southeast Asia, this species occurs in Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand and Indonesia, some with different colour forms.

baby ball phyton

Apr 16, 2010

hye..everybody new item coming on i got 200 of baby ball phyton..nice right ..hehe for best price ya:)

<-the picture of adult ball phyton,just want to show u all the beautiful patern.hehe

New ItEm in Da House!

Mar 27, 2010
maine coon kitty
LAbyrinth burmese
sphnix cat
sphnix kitty

yo homies!!! New Item Coming brother!

Mar 9, 2010

try colour squirel

See how Tame she is!!

hot item in town ...try colour squirel from U.S.A....very very tame ...

only 5 pair available :..believe me ..

blue tongue skink is also coming

Feb 16, 2010


mamoset monkey is COMING!!!!!!!

new item in the house

Green Tree Phyton

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Feb 14, 2010

carrot tail

how she eat

my golden tree snake

golden tree snake info

A handsome species, the Golden Tree Snake can be found in various habitats including secondary forests, plantations, agricultural areas and rural gardens. Like the Paradise Tree Snake, this snake is able to glide through the air.

Despite the name, the attractive patterning is actually green or greenish-yellow on a black background. It preys on mice, lizards, and other snakes.

This sub-species ranges from Burma, Thailand, Indochina and southern China to northern Peninsuar Malaysia. It is common in the Phang-nga / Krabi area of Southern Thailand. It does not occur in Singapore.

PerHatian/ATtention to All Pet lover!!!

Feb 11, 2010

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3 line squirel

dwarf loop ear rabbit

New Item :RainBOw Water SNAKE!!!

Feb 10, 2010


Feb 8, 2010



BABY SUGIE-CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!